Scottish International Storytelling Festival // Lost Tales Live

In October of this year I will be travelling to the city of stories, Edinburgh to participate in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival with my live show Lost Tales Live

The Edinburgh Castleand my exhibition Walking with Gods. This is a festival that combines the local wee folk magic with storytelling artists from all over the world.


For me this is a big thing. It will be the first time I take my either my live show or an exhibition international and I am really exciting by the opportunity. I visited Edinburgh last year during a UK trip as part of the British Council’s ACCELERATE Program and it was really by chance that I met with Donald, the curator for the festival. We had a coffeee and I told him all about the project and now I’m presenitng the work in the festival.

After I performed Lost Tales Live at the Australia Museum earlier in the year I had a couple of people come up to and say I was like an Aboriginal Neil Gaiman or Grant Morrison. For me to be able to channel either of those amazing artists during a performance was really spectacular, to also be able to tap into my rich Gamilaroi heritage was even more important. To then be able to take that to Edinburgh and reach an international audience is mind-blowing.

Marking the 70th anniversary of Edinburgh as a Festival City, SISF is going global and
demonstrating how the traditional art of storytelling is more vital than ever in connecting people worldwide, across cultures, places and generations.

For twelve days of storytelling events in Edinburgh and across
Scotland, and a three-day Global Gathering of discussions
around the themes of the Earth Charter I’ll be participating as an active storyteller, bringing a First Nations Australian voice to the gathering.

Full program available here:

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