Censored!!! Ohhh Nooo!!!

Ohhhh Nooo!!! Here it is, the supernatural origins of the infinite Trav. A tale of gods and sex and how I became the Trav I am today. Thrice touched by god, creator of worlds, slayer of the abyss, King of nerds.

I’m on a panel presented by Create NSW as part of Vivid Sydney tomorrow night and a few weeks ago they asked for a video to play before my part of the conversation… a bit of a get to know you piece. Anyways I was told today they wouldn’t play it. That’s right, I’ve been censored! I’m too risqué for the MCA, for Vivid, for Create NSW.

Travis De Vries, Create NSW Aboriginal Arts Fellow for 2018 presents: The Infinite Travis – Origins of Travis.

But seriously, I’d really love some feedback on this one. Do I go to far? Should they play it? Should I as an Aboriginal artist be allowed to talk about god dicks and call it art?
Holla at me and maybe we can change their mind!

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