BRORIGINALS – What’s next?

We wanted to let everyone in on the future of BRORIGINALS, some of the behind the scenes, longer term goals we’re working towards and what’s happening now at the. Travis, Texas  and a couple of yet to be announced contributors have been working on a couple of ideas to grow the community, the show and what we’re trying to do.

For starters we are launching an independent podcast network later this year. The aim of the network will be to bring together other shows by Indigenous and non-Indigenous podcasters to build a community together, network, cross promote and grow together. We want to create a digital space that is Indigenous owned and run and not beholden to government. We want to be pushing to create ground breaking arts and cultural shows that aren’t all about the trauma of Aboriginal people. We want these to be supported by financially and creatively by the audiences, we want to make work that you are excited by and we’re going to find ways to bring you more into the process of that by voting on new shows, getting involved creatively and other cool ways. We don’t have a locked in name for the network yet so if you have any amazing ideas let us know!

We have also been working to get a few additional shows up and running that will be coming out very soon. These are going to help grow the family of shows on the network and give you other great shows to listen to. The shows currently in the pipeline are:

Lost Tales: Mt Pleasant – An narrative based, Indigenous hack of a table-top role playing game (like DnD) set in the small town of Mt Pleasant three unlikely heroes will be confronted by creatures from Australia’s myths and legends.

Fear of a Blak Planet – An interview, scenario based show exploring what an Aboriginal future would look like and what would need to happen in society to get there. Our journalist on the ground takes a look behind the scenes of  an Aboriginal Resistance group and gets in  inside view of their secret plans.

The Fast & the Curious – A short podcast about curiosity and enthusiasm where Travis will explore the nature of a different thing each week, talk about why he is excited about it and what it means.

These three shows along with Broriginals will form the backbone of the network. Along with these the idea of building a network is to be able to offer support to other Indigenous podcasters through hosting and cross promoting so we’ll be announcing some cross overs with our friends very soon.

One of the things we do need to be able to build the network and these shows is get support from you, the audience. This can come in two ways: sharing and membership.

Sharing: To be able to attract advertisers to the shows we need to have at least 1000 downloads of a new episode in its first month of being released. We’re not there yet. How we get there is to get you to share the show, show your friends, write a status or a review. Help us to grow and the best thing is that it is free for you to do.

Membership: We soft launched our membership program recently and closed down our Patreon page. We didn’t want to be giving more of you money to an American company when you wanted to give that money to help support the shows you love. Now you can join our members (supporters) and get access to secret content, great perks and other things.

You can go to

Join up for as little as $1 per month, that’s supporting us for $12 whole dollars a year. This helps us do things like buy better equipment, get a new website, get more shows, pay our contributors and editors and all of the other things that need money to make happen. If every BRORIGINALS listener can give a little it is gong to go a long way towards getting a network for us that is by us and supported by you.

BRORIGINALS is absolutely continuing, there’s no doubt about that. The show will continue to be a weekly advice show chronicling the Aboriginal success of two wayward brothers.  We’re working on our upcoming live show in Western Sydney and doing a tour next year of Brisbane, Melbourne and some other cool towns.

The other thing we are doing is launching a 3 part BRORIGINALS special, BRORIGINALS Jarjums, a family friendly show where we take questions from kids about being Aboriginal and other daily life questions, a kid friendly version of Bourbon Legends (Grape Juice Legends) and other fun activities for our young Jarjums.

Let us know what else you want to see from Broriginals, the new network and the community!

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