Fear of a Blak Planet – Episode 1 – Warriors of New Dreaming

Hiya Huya Hoya!

Instead of a Broriginals episode this week we’re showing you episode 1 of Awesome Black’s new show: Fear of a Blak Planet featuring none other than young Travis De Vries.

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Hi. I’m Travis, a podcaster. I recently met some folk who claim to be from the paramilitary Aboriginal group: Warriors of New Dreaming. They’ve been nice enough to give me an extended tour of their walled compound and even a tour with their PR Manager, Janie Carter. Janie has even asked me to podcast while I’m staying with them all about how they’re going to decolonise Australia.


Travis: Travis De Vries
Janie Carter: Brooke Scobie
ASIO Agent Officer Campbell: Peter Maple
Producer: Travis De Vries
Editor: Travis De Vries
Theme Music: Source Decay
Designer: Jade Goodwin

This episode of Fear of a Blak Planet is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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