Megapod: 2020 Crossover Extravaganza

Join Noon, Travis, Jo & Leah, a ragtag assembly of deep cover agents from the podcasting underground. They emerge blinking like naked mole people into the sunlight to bring you a round-up of this year of our lord, the cursed 2020. That’s right folks, they’re here not to save the world, but to bring you MegaPod.

These four highly virile brain geniuses from at least FOUR SEPARATE PODCASTS combine to bring YOU: Aliens! Sex jam! Anal Fistulas, Pope Fights, Weird Al, Juggalos Takeovers and… All the news from 2020!*

For complaints regarding bias in board game scoring and fake news you can find Travis by summoning a Gamilaroi god in the desert or on the internet at;
Broriginals Podcast
Awesome Black
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To help Jo figure out teat to milk on the (what bird?) get in touch at;
Chronically Fully Sick
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To roast Leah for not realising Baghdad was formed low key smack bang in the middle of the middle ages you can catch her at
Loud Angry Not Sorry Podcast
Feminists United Website
Twitter: @leahlikes

And finally, listen to Auspol Snackpod for the news, the memes, and to get Noon and Zac into 47th place on Spotify for 2021 –
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*like a fair bit, not all. Like come on, as if we can fit an entire year into 1.5hours

Artwork by Travis De Vries
Editing, Production & Sound Design by Zac Le Snak

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