TRAVIS DE VRIES is a Gamilaroi and Darug creator of dark fiction, graphic artwork and fantastic worlds.

Travis is a conceptual artist, performer, writer, composer, photographer and commentator creating genre spanning and boundary crossing creative work. Travis creates world within worlds, brings to life characters on the page and canvas from his ever growing, fantasy, parallel universe. Travis creates unique, narrative led large-scale exhibitions combining multiple forms; paintings, drawings, projections and experiential sculptures focusing on recreating and evolving Gamilaroi and Western Mythologies for a modern era. Storytelling is at the heart of his practice, through the use of fable, metaphor, symbolism and storytelling tropes he invokes a deep connection with audiences to explore a range of both personal and universal themes including; Indigenaity, violence, destruction, politics, love, death and relationships. All of this comes together to create an experiential style of work that is feels familiar but is inherently weird. 

You can find Travis’ artwork in galleries around Australia and in private collections across the world. Travis podcasts from Broriginals and is the show runner on the show Fear of a Blak Planet which you can find on Awesome Black

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