About me?

I do a lot of different things. Some things I do with a passion that is white hot, you can find these below.

I am the master of bullshit. I am a visual artist, a writer and a creator. I make cool things. I am a creator of dark fiction and artwork, drawing on my Gamilaroi cultural heritage and connection to Europe via my grandfather. I now mostly work from my Leichhardt studio to create genre spanning, contemporary indigenous artwork, music and writing projects.

I love gods and demons, fairies and bogarts, giants, werewolves and vampires. I love the stories we tell ourselves to pretend that bad things don’t exist or that they do. I love the way we have thousands upon thousands of years of history and culture and we still make stories that are new.

I take the traditional stories and ideas of the Gamilaroi and Australia’s Indigenous people and I spin them with the folklore of the world to create a completely new story. You will be excited to see them when you do.

I was born in Muswellbrook in country NSW, Australia and now live between Melbourne and Sydney.

I am also a producer, I specialise in festivals and helping people realise their creative dreams in large or small scale events.

I left an arts degree after the first year to train in dance and choreography at NAISDA Dance College and then began a professional career as a performer for Bangarra Dance Theatre under Director, Stephen Page. I toured extensively, both internationally and locally with the company from 2010 – 2013 and also working with other major Australian performing companies: Legs on The Wall, The Australian Ballet and Barking Gecko Theatre Company in a performance/ creative capacity.

I have produced for the Sydney Opera House and am currently working at the City of Melbourne on their festival Yirramboi. Yirramboi is a ten day contemporary indigenous festival set in the heart of Melbourne. Over my producing career I’ve worked across Australia on key Indigenous and Contemporary Music Festivals; Vivid Live, Homeground, GRAPHIC, The Dreaming Festival and The Big Day Out.

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