Finalist – Muswellbrook Art Prize

So… I’m very excited to announce that I have been selected to be a finalist in the Muswellbrook National Art Prize for my piece that you can see below. The title is Entity.


Lost Tales

I will have a debut showing of my new live storytelling work: Lost Tales at the Australian Museum in Sydney on the 25th January.

Sessions are at 6.40 and 7.40pm in the Science Room as part of the Australian Museum’s Up Late series.

Join me for an intimate evening of original tales based on traditional Indigenous storytelling. I’ll be constructing a tapestry of imagination featuring a suite of gods, monsters and mega fauna.



Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a program run by the British Council called ACCELERATE. It’s a leadership development program aimed at developing new leaders in the Australian Indigenous Arts and Culture sector.

I’ve now hit the ground in London and have begun the first leg of the program. Whilst here I’ll be meeting with people and organisations in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle talking about art and all things creative.

I’ll be updating this page with my thoughts, feeling and observations from my time here, follow along as you like.


Exhibiting in NSW Parliament Art Prize

I currently have a piece of work on display as part of the NSW Parliament Arts Prize at Gallery Lane Cove. You can grab the details here:
The show runs from 6th – 30th July 2016.
If you are in the area and have a chance to check it out, you can let me know what you think or you can just see it in digital form below. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Triptych - Travis De Vries (NSW Parliament)

New Project – Mythological Evolutions

Mythological Evolutions steals, begs and borrows from Australian Indigenous traditional storytelling and forces it into the contemporary world. The project aims to create an evolving narrative of stories utilizing the rich heritage of the Australian Indigenous psyche. Characters from “mythology” will be thrust into a modern setting through text, image and sound based works, interacting characters and building on the idea of Indigenous identity, storytelling and a strong cultural heritage of lore.

Watch this space for more updates…