Our BRO$’s message program allows anyone to share their message on the BRORIGINALS podcast. It’s a way to show your support for your favourite show and get the word out about what you’re up to. It’s easy and cheap – only $50 for a personal message or $200 for a promotional one.

Anyone can buy a personal or promotional message on an upcoming episode.

Here’s some important information on the system:

What It Is
The BRO$’s program is an accessible and informal way for listeners to sponsor an episode of BRORIGINALS podcast. These are one-off messages that we offer to our  community at great rates. A message can only run once, and only on one show. You’ll provide a couple of lines of basic info, and you’ll get a mention on an upcoming episode.

What It Ain’t
Jumbotron messages aren’t intended for ongoing advertising campaigns. A message can not run more than once, and it can not run on more than one show. If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our podcasts on an ongoing basis, you need to get your message out on a specific date, you want to see listener data, or you want to sponsor more than one episode, we’d be happy to discuss advertising rates! Please contact Travis @ for more information about advertising.

Messages are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. You’ll have the opportunity to request a preferred time-frame and we’ll do our best to get your message out within that time-frame or as close to it as possible.

Promotional Versus Personal
A promotional message is one with any sort of promotional or commerical component to it. The cost is $200, and the character limit for your message is 500 (including spaces and punctuation).

Examples of promotional messages include:

-Non-profit organizations
-Independent entrepreneurs
-Kickstarter projects
-Someone looking for work (e.g. an employment seeker’s ad)
-Social media accounts or groups

A personal message is one without any promotional or commerical component to it. The cost is $50, and the character limit for your message is 350 (including spaces and punctuation).

Examples of personal messages include:

-Wishing a friend, “Happy birthday!”
-Congratulating a family member on graduating from college
-Saying, “Happy anniversary!” to a spouse or partner
-Dating / personal ads

If your message contains any promotional or promotional elements, it is a promotional message, and the cost is $200.

The Other Important Things
It rarely comes up, but we reserve the right to not run a message. There are a few reasons this might happen – and undoubtedly some that we haven’t thought of yet – but here are some things that cause issues: (1) if we find a message questionable or offensive, or if the hosts do not feel comfortable reading the message, (2) if the project or product in a promotional message resembles a current sponsor of the show, (3) if the message is political in nature – even if the politics align with ours

Contact Travis @