I wrote this story a little over 3 years ago. It is the launching point for a larger novel I have been working on but have yet to finish. I think it’s time to share.  The land was still. The cold air settled around Sam’s car parked near the entrance to the site. The proposedContinue reading “Awakening”

Guest Post – The Hidden Garden by Michelle O’Hara

Travis: I’ve really struggled recently. After a year of build up, working on new projects; Broriginals, The Hidden Garden, etc. A little over a month ago I opened the exhibition that I had been putting so much energy into. The opening night was great; friends and loved ones all there to see the work, butContinue reading “Guest Post – The Hidden Garden by Michelle O’Hara”

Exhibition Announce: The Hidden Garden

About 2 years ago I had the seed of an idea: Australia pre colonisation could’ve been the proverbial Garden of Eden. I went on to think this through a bit more and I really liked the idea of creating a project around that statement, using the fable and mythology of the Christian doctrine and drawingContinue reading “Exhibition Announce: The Hidden Garden”

WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma

There’s not enough Aboriginals in the gaming industry, we set out to change that by making as many Aboriginals as we can and putting them through the ropes. Meet Dikfukng or Dave for short, the new Cleverman and his totem Dragon. We’ll be popping out these episodes intermittently, only recording when we’re in the sameContinue reading “WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma”

BRORIGINALS – EP 17 – Call Me Racist!

Call me racist. A sad, sad day, for today we mourn the passing of one of our greatest boys: Jonas. May his name be forever remembered. This week’s psalms will include: Bro of all Bros, Carry on My Wayward Bro, Foundational Methodology 101, The Wuggle Karaoke Conundrum, Bourbon Legends: Best of All Legends, Australian FurryContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 17 – Call Me Racist!”


In IDEAS, DRAFTS & LOOPS Travis presents a selection of old and new works that have never been seen by the public before. Concepts range from the crushing spirals of buildings Travis experienced during his first visit to the city to the dark gods and flames of lust of his more recent major exhibitions asContinue reading “EXHIBITION ANNOUNCEMENT: IDEAS, DRAFTS & LOOPS”


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