WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma

There’s not enough Aboriginals in the gaming industry, we set out to change that by making as many Aboriginals as we can and putting them through the ropes. Meet Dikfukng or Dave for short, the new Cleverman and his totem Dragon. We’ll be popping out these episodes intermittently, only recording when we’re in the sameContinue reading “WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma”

BRORIGINALS – EP 1 – Call Baiame! Ten Habits of Successful Aboriginals Part 1

So, my brother and I recently reconnected… and we’ve decided to use our new found connectivity to release a shit hot Aboriginal comedy podcast. A few weeks ago I made a Twitter post playing with the spoof idea of creating a book titled: The Ten Habits of Successful Aboriginals. I couldn’t be fucked writing theContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 1 – Call Baiame! Ten Habits of Successful Aboriginals Part 1”

Abstract Expressions – Finale (Part 3/3)

Welcome to the final instalment of Abstract Expressions. As I mentioned in part 1 I am currently going through a period of self imposed exile in an effort to clear my mind, analyse some behaviours and prepare better for some huge events that I have coming up. Re-reading and releasing this work has helped withContinue reading “Abstract Expressions – Finale (Part 3/3)”

Abstract Expressions – Part 2/3

Howdy campers! Yuck, let me start that again… Hello and welcome to part 2 of a 3 part series presenting an old work of mine: Abstract Expressions. If you missed part 1 you can find it here: Abstract Expressions – Part 1/3 Basically this is a story about emotions, obsession and two people written as extendedContinue reading “Abstract Expressions – Part 2/3”

Lost Tales: Walking with Gods Sydney – Photo Gallery

Hi All, Last night we opened the exhibition in Surry Hills (450 Elizabeth St) with some good wine, great friends and nice music. Enjoy the pics below, exhibition runs till the 13th. Please pop in a see me anytime, I’ll be open 12noon till 9pm 7 days. Big thank you to everyone that could makeContinue reading “Lost Tales: Walking with Gods Sydney – Photo Gallery”

Announce… Lost Tales: Walking with Gods comes to Sydney

Fresh off the back of a debut at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre and the Scottish International Storytelling Centre Lost Tales: Walking with Gods will come the m2 Gallery in Surry Hills from the 1st to the 13th of February. Lost Tales: Walking with Gods is Travis De Vries’ collection of Indigenous Contemporary artwork exploring aContinue reading “Announce… Lost Tales: Walking with Gods comes to Sydney”

Lost Tales – International… Part 1

Okay, so let me start by saying this should have gone up on here at a few weeks earlier. I have just been way to busy (which is great) to be able to get some me time to write this (which is bad). We’re here now though so it’s all going to be ok. AContinue reading “Lost Tales – International… Part 1”


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