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‘Mayd Dayetee’ Oil on Canvas 185cm X 212cm, 2017
‘Darc Ridjual’ Oil on Canvas 165cm X 165cm, 2017
‘Stones and Graves’ Oil on Canvas 165cm X 210cm, 2017
Female Archetype - Strength‘The Watcher’ Oil on Canvas 90cm X 60cm , 2015
DeVries_2‘Waiting’ Oil on Canvas 110cm X 40 cm, 2015 10402781_1451755838415196_3864891212638415199_n‘Female – Saturday 730 AM’ Oil on Canvas, 2014
10599144_1470226576568122_1827170114798507770_n‘Girl – Haunted’ Ink on Himalayan Rice Paper, 2014
10286803_1435063656751081_510822785657301429_o‘Female – Fractured’ Oil on Canvas 2014, 1650cm X 1550cm10169200_1435064526750994_7768370354117164812_n
‘Female – Archetype 1’ Oil on Canvas 90cm X 60cm, 2013 private collection10559657_1463083237282456_6536571601086759708_n‘Lady’ Ink on Himalayan Rice Paper 63cm X 105cm, 201510641198_1488846044706175_7962764412293077477_n (1)‘View from the Gap’ Oil on Canvas 102cm X 81cm, 2014 Finalist – Murrundi Art Prize10407610_1465867450337368_7932354535018942135_n‘Female – Saturday 730 AM – in blue’ Oil on Canvas 40cm X 23cm, 2015 Private collection