LOST TALES: GODTHINGS is a multi arts, concept exhibition created alongside photographer Teresa Tan. GODTHINGS is the experimental new collection of sculpture; costumes and photography bringing to life the gods, creatures, demons and shamans from the literary world that Travis has been developing over the last five years in the literary Mythopoiec Universe (or Traviverse).
In this series Travis has created three characters: The Shaman, The Demon & The God. Each of these he inhabits through the creation of masks, costumes, paint and body adornment.
The masks are made from animal bone that have been customised into ceremonial masks that The Shaman wears. The fictional character of The Shaman controls his tribe through fear and ceremony, inhabiting and invoking the powers of The Demon & The God in a ceremonial fashion. Telling stories, dancing, invoking magic, spirits and elemental powers as a form of control over other people.
Through this work Travis is exploring the masks that we all wear, the power one man has over another and the creation of new Indigenous mythologies.
Documenting the creation process of the photography and mixed media series Godthings, a collaborative project between Photographer Teresa Tan and Artist/ Concept Travis De Vries
Godthings is a part of the Lost Tales suite of artistic projects from Travis De Vries, encompassing world building, storytelling, live performance, costume and character creation, literature, sound design and art of all kind.
Godthings is a touring exhibition available from 2018. The touring exhibition contains 3 masks and costume pieces, a selection of photographic works and a multimedia projection work.
For touring enquiries please email travishdevries@gmail.com



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