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Hey! What's up? Are you some kinda god? If money gave you god status we guess this is how it would happen.

Supporting at this level gets you rewards
Bonus Content - Every year we make 1 -2 bonus episodes specially for our members and you get it!
Sticker Pack - We'll send you a sticker pack in the mail once you've registered!
Premium Access - When we do live shows you get premium access to announcements and pre-release tickets.
Broriginals' Family Membership Card - With this level of support we'll be sending you a card that you can carry, you've joined a special club and you'll want to only show other club members your card.
Abodigital Enamel Pin - We'll send you this in your member ship pack, each year we'll be designing and making a new Abodigital membership pin that you can wear to show your love for the show.
Broriginals T-Shirt - You can pick one of the Broriginals T-shirts that you would like and we will send it to you in your membership pack!
Immortalisation - At the Broriginals office and on the website, we're going to get you immortalised on our supporters plaque so you'll always be known for what you've done.

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