Mythological Evolutions

Mythological Evolutions is my genre and medium spanning project where I take gods, creatures and ideas from the Australian Indigenous mythos and European mythos and contemporaries them in a way that speak to a broad audience. It is all about the evolution of our cultural story.

At first it is a collection of short stories, then it becomes a novel, a stage show, a virtual reality idea game experience and in time will possibly become a movie or a global movement.

Hairyman – Teaser

She lay on the bed exhausted from the act. She had never asked for this but too she had never said “No”. The sweat dripped from his brow onto her neck as he drew his small frame up from their desperate embrace. A deep part of her felt dirty, used and torn apart but another part of her still tingled from the excitement of what had happened. The man propped himself up on his elbows, the cheap foam mattress on the hardboard forgiving and looked down at her, there was disgust in his eyes, now that he had released himself of his animalistic urges. She peered up at him, taking everything in, the thick, orange tinted hair covering the wiry body, spotted with age. She would never see him again, she knew and thanked the heavens that this was true, to see the change that came over him following their union was terrifying in its violence. She imagined what he could do to her if she screamed, her family was in the next room and would come to her call but would it be soon enough to save her from what would happen if she made a noise.

He stood and dressed, unhurriedly, confident with his hold of fear over the woman. He had never done it with one of their kind but the smell of the young woman’s body in heat had overwhelmed his senses, it did not overpowering but it spoke to some deep level of animal instinct that he must have her. He crept back out the open window, no sign of his passage except the stain of his sweat on the naked wooden sill and the cum that he had left inside her.