BRORIGINALS – EP 69 – Hindenburg Baby

This episode we decided to get back on track and we manage to talk about everything without doing our job for the full 50 minutes. This week’s adult themes include: New Year, New Decade, New Us, Lizzo, 69, Culture Mods & Wet Dreaming. We’d like to thank our sponsors this week: Kinky Koori & TuckaBoxContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 69 – Hindenburg Baby”

BRORIGINALS – EP 20 – Pai Mai, Master of Meme

You’ve travelled far to learn memes at the feet of the master memer, Pai Mei. Now you must meme using only a chalk board for the next six months, only then will you be ready to move to the next level, only then may you be ready to truly meme. This week’s adult themes include:Continue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 20 – Pai Mai, Master of Meme”


In IDEAS, DRAFTS & LOOPS Travis presents a selection of old and new works that have never been seen by the public before. Concepts range from the crushing spirals of buildings Travis experienced during his first visit to the city to the dark gods and flames of lust of his more recent major exhibitions asContinue reading “EXHIBITION ANNOUNCEMENT: IDEAS, DRAFTS & LOOPS”

BRORIGINALS – EP 4 – Ill-litter8te Wuggles 4 Lyf – Deadly Questions, Deadlier Answers

This week we take a hard right hand turn. After becoming fully assimilated last week we now feel we’re completely qualified to answer the hard hitting questions. That’s right my dudes, Broriginals goes head to head with the Victorian Government as we highjack their Deadly Questions platform. Lies will be told, hearts will be brokenContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 4 – Ill-litter8te Wuggles 4 Lyf – Deadly Questions, Deadlier Answers”


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