BRORIGINALS – EP 76 – Milhouse’s Craft Club

We recorded an episode over some beer and bourbons after our Melbourne live show. That’s all you need to know. Or is it? Probably not so here’s some other things. We may have went too far with this one. If you need some advice on how to be a better Aboriginal hit us up onContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 76 – Milhouse’s Craft Club”

BRORIGINALS – EP 52 – Worth Your Weight in Gold

Holy Batnipples Danny Ocean! Travis and Texas are back, it’s Broriginals Returns! They found the secret can of Spam deep in the heart of Uluru and they’ve brought it out for sale at the next Christie’s Auction. 

BRORIGINALS – EP 9 – The Very Best Ever Milo Recipe Ever

Slide on over, pull up a chair. Broriginals is taking ass and kicking names. Join us as we explore our grandmother’s secret Milo recipe. This week’s mature themes include: The Kadaicha String, My Favourite Milo Recipe, Sunscreen, Pot Bellied Kangaroos,  A Very Bourbon Legends Christmas, White People – Vote Leave, Aboriginal Baby Names and Latex FreeContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 9 – The Very Best Ever Milo Recipe Ever”


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