A new Best Of episode bringing some of yours and our favourite parts of the podcast together in one super episode. Perfect for sharing with friends and family who've never listened to the show before!

BRORIGINALS – EP 70 – Yass Guniinii!

It's an evolving language, we control our own destiny and if we want to Yass Guniinii then we will Yass Guniinii! This week’s adult themes include: Secret Vagina Society, Appropirate, SuperSexyCaliLickStickExpialidoit!, YassGuniinii, Racism Now, Different Different But Same & Wetsville.

BRORIGINALS – EP 68 – Christmas Kangaroo

Screw the big man, Santa don't work for Australia. We got hungover and worked up a new Holiday icon! It's the Christmas Kangaroo! This week’s adult themes include: Hangover Trouble, Staying Home for Christmas, A First Nations Christmas Message, Giving in a Time of Late Choosing, The Unsubscriber, Catagorise, Christmas Pee Oh Christmas Pee &… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 68 – Christmas Kangaroo

BRORIGINALS – EP 66 – Ukaine Bolt!

This is DVD... This is what happens when you watch DVD... woooooo, boooooom, arrrghh, shuffle shuffle, brrrrrrrrr. Yup. That's this episodes written intro. This week’s adult themes include: Frobone, Utility Napkins, Best Things in Life are Reconciliation, Clive Owen McDonald, Dems Fighting Words, Where Are You From? & All You Can Eatery. We’d like to… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 66 – Ukaine Bolt!

BRORIGINALS – EP 65 – Dog Racism is Real

If anyone wants to cut this episode up and use the audio against us we can't blame you. It'd be the best way to sue us if you ever needed to. Full disclosure. This week’s adult themes include: SuperNova Paris, Elsa Escapades, Makings Friends and Alienating Yts, Dog Racism, Spelling Bee & Mailer Suprise. We’d… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 65 – Dog Racism is Real

BRORIGINALS – EP 63 – Nicolas Flamel, Inventor!

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years in the future when they dig up our society and look back at what humans were like today, they'll find an analog copy of this podcast episode on a USB that someone downloaded so they could show their nan and they'll think. How did we evolve from this? 


We managed to meet up and record this episode together, it's been a while. We were checking out this property for our cousin to maybe buy, but it didn't really go to plan. Lucky we had our microphones. 


This episode gets a little raunchy, then a little sad but then it gets raunchy again, but then it gets sad. It all comes out in the wash. You'll see or hear... however it is you're listening. This week’s adult themes include: PokeFuck at PAX, Formally Furry, Criminal Island, Not Your Jurisdiction, Taking a Wuggle… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 60 – PENGUIN, WOMBAT, PRAYING MANTIS


The kids are always looking for the cool new craze for online cred! Little did we know we had the magic all along. Now they can do it, they can do the eons old initiation rite of Chestification! It's dope as culture!

BRORIGINALS – EP 57 – Kurdaitcha Force One

Keep in mind when you listen to this episode that if you don't like it you're a racist. That's how racism works! Actually it's more likely that since last episode our show has literally just become about Lord of the Rings.