BRORIGINALS – EP 84 – Lower the Bar

Respect, horses, education. This show has it all and more, it has the good stuff that you need. 6 Good things in fact. This week’s adult themes include: Running to Relationship, 6 Good Ones and a Bad, Rubbish Settlements, EquineRespect, Garage Marketing & Lowering the Bar. We’d like to thank our sponsor for this episode:… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 84 – Lower the Bar


We often find that we don't get a real opinion out of each other when we talk, this time you couldn't stop us! This week’s adult themes include: What Are You Doing?, A Pointing Bone, They Done F****d, Closer Than Friends, Kevin Ruddpinion, Hairdresser For The End Of The World & Too Many. We’d like… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 80 – IMHO

BRORIGINALS – EP 75 – Fingery Nibbleys

Maybe you'll find something really special in this episode, we know we did! It's a secret though, you'll have to listen to find out.