EP 91 – The Youngest Elder

This is the one! The one that turns us from just regular people into EldersTM! We levelled up! This week’s adult themes include: Enter the Dreaming!, ASMR Sex Things, Broriginals AI, The Youngest Elder, Flex Flex Flex Flex Drazic & Sneaker Rulez. This episode was sponsored by Moogahlin Performing Arts’s Yellamundie Festival Callout & MrContinue reading “EP 91 – The Youngest Elder”

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 4 – From Here!!!

Here’s our live show from last week at Casula Powerhouse. Deep in Western Sydney, the cultural melting pot of Australia where we thought we could stir the pot a bit… however the pot ended up stirring us. We are stirred. 

Huge thanks to Casula Powerhouse for having us and all the audience that came out for the show!

BRORIGINALS – EP 46 – Weddings Aren’t Cosplay

Things weddings aren’t: 1. Cosplay 2. Star Wars Cosplay 3. Harry Potter Cosplay 4. A Truck (weddings definitely aren’t a truck) 5. Aboriginal Cosplay… Unless! This week’s adult themes include: Facebook Jail, Team Apocalypse, Back to Deadly: Pacifism Woes, Prank City B***h, Malcom Luther KingX, Tipping Down Under, Bourbon Legends: Cats Ahoy, Weddings Aren’t CosplayContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 46 – Weddings Aren’t Cosplay”


Jade said that this episode is awesome. You should trust Jade. We do. #trustjade What’s that noise buzzing in your ears, it’s BRORIGINALS on nangs! This week’s adult themes include: Teeth Dreams, Missnamer, Another $$$ Stick, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Strong Bloodlines, Bourbon Legends: Moriarty Mission, Gateway Drugs & Saucing Food from Aus. We’d like toContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP44 – Nangs”

BRORIGINALS – EP 43 – I’ve Got Georgia

That’s right, we did it, we have invaded China with the help of our good friends from Georgia… the country. That’s a deep cut if you must know. A very deep cut, so deep it goes all the through the earth and we get to China with the help of you good friends from Georgia… anyway, you get the idea! 


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