BRORIGINALS – EP 63 – Nicolas Flamel, Inventor!

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years in the future when they dig up our society and look back at what humans were like today, they’ll find an analog copy of this podcast episode on a USB that someone downloaded so they could show their nan and they’ll think. How did we evolve from this? 

BRORIGINALS – EP 56 – The Order of Rodentia

If you’re reading this you need to be at least, AT LEAST, this tall to listen… This tall you hear me, also you need to be 13 and up otherwise your parents will probably yell at us for this episode. This week’s adult themes include: God Hawk, Commute to Soundtrack, Hidden Country, Subconcious Racist, Walking Around,Continue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 56 – The Order of Rodentia”

BRORIGINALS – EP 42 – Catfish Your Dad (Not Our Dad)

It’s that time of week again where you use your dial up internet to reach deep into the ether and pull out how how to guid on Catfishing Your Dad, please don’t catfish our Dad, he is our Dad and we love him even though he can’t work out how to use his new iPhone. 

BRORIGINALS – EP 21 – No, Don’t Put That In There

We grew up together as part of a big family. We did what every big family does and that is rag on each other all the time. We were good at it. Now we’ve turned it into a weekly show just for your enjoyment. This week’s adult themes include: Stormy Travis, House Mum, The BrothaContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 21 – No, Don’t Put That In There”

BRORIGINALS – EP 9 – The Very Best Ever Milo Recipe Ever

Slide on over, pull up a chair. Broriginals is taking ass and kicking names. Join us as we explore our grandmother’s secret Milo recipe. This week’s mature themes include: The Kadaicha String, My Favourite Milo Recipe, Sunscreen, Pot Bellied Kangaroos,  A Very Bourbon Legends Christmas, White People – Vote Leave, Aboriginal Baby Names and Latex FreeContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 9 – The Very Best Ever Milo Recipe Ever”

BRORIGINALS – EP 7 – Broflow – #becauseofherwecan NAIDOC Special

We did a special last week but of course we forgot to talk about one important NAIDOC thingy: WOMEN… Cause we are shit.  So here is NAIDOC Episode IV The Return of the NAIDOC. We didn’t get invites to the NAIDOC ball and we wouldn’t be seen black there after the last time we went soContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 7 – Broflow – #becauseofherwecan NAIDOC Special”


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