BRORIGINALS – EP 43 – I’ve Got Georgia

That’s right, we did it, we have invaded China with the help of our good friends from Georgia… the country. That’s a deep cut if you must know. A very deep cut, so deep it goes all the through the earth and we get to China with the help of you good friends from Georgia… anyway, you get the idea! 

BRORIGINALS – EP 39 – Rainbow Snake Spirit Bomb

We’re back on top form this week. Peeping, straight creeping, no scoping all y’all from behind our keyboard. PedTech and JustusWarrior are broadcasting to you live from Blizzard studios in Japan. 

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum

Here’s our live show from way back in the before time… January 23rd, 2019. It was an easier time, a simpler time a time when Nathan’s ran free and Texas’s had all the bourbon they could drink. A time when we could have a Night at the Museum and be happy. Now, we’re all underContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum”

WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma

There’s not enough Aboriginals in the gaming industry, we set out to change that by making as many Aboriginals as we can and putting them through the ropes. Meet Dikfukng or Dave for short, the new Cleverman and his totem Dragon. We’ll be popping out these episodes intermittently, only recording when we’re in the sameContinue reading “WRONGEST SKIN – EP 1 – We Birth Cleverman in Dragons Dogma”


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