EP 95 – The Mango Energy Boy Spoiler

That’s right, we’re on that sweet mango energy, no one will be able to stop us now! This week’s adult themes include: Smoothie Boy, The Joker Nazi, Mature Age Cool Kid, Lord of the Late Afternoon, Nice Aboriginals, Serial Killer or Broriginal & Drugs Rock! This episode was sponsored by Beautiful, Talented &Deadly’s Redbubble Storeref=typeaheadContinue reading “EP 95 – The Mango Energy Boy Spoiler”

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 4 – From Here!!!

Here’s our live show from last week at Casula Powerhouse. Deep in Western Sydney, the cultural melting pot of Australia where we thought we could stir the pot a bit… however the pot ended up stirring us. We are stirred. 

Huge thanks to Casula Powerhouse for having us and all the audience that came out for the show!

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum

Here’s our live show from way back in the before time… January 23rd, 2019. It was an easier time, a simpler time a time when Nathan’s ran free and Texas’s had all the bourbon they could drink. A time when we could have a Night at the Museum and be happy. Now, we’re all underContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum”

BRORIGINALS – EP 28 – Self Actualisation Juice

Please move your seat backs to an upright position, stow your tray table, the seatbelt sign has now been turned on. Settle in muchachos, it’s about to get bumpy as fuck.  This week’s adult themes include: Actualising in Life and Sandwiches, Pointing the Bone: Another Stick, Love in the Time of Christmas Presents, Indiana JonesContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 28 – Self Actualisation Juice”


This episode is brought to you by Mr Steal Yo Boat himself: Captain Jack Sparrow who will be played in the upcoming remake of Pirates of the Caribbean by Morgan Freeman himself. This is great news. Not because Johnny Depp is bad. No one has ever found anything wrong with the man but wouldn’t youContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 27 – MYTHICAL RABBIT”

BRORIGINALS – EP 21 – No, Don’t Put That In There

We grew up together as part of a big family. We did what every big family does and that is rag on each other all the time. We were good at it. Now we’ve turned it into a weekly show just for your enjoyment. This week’s adult themes include: Stormy Travis, House Mum, The BrothaContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 21 – No, Don’t Put That In There”


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