BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh – Two of the Kids Turned Out Nice

It’s Texas’s birthday today so instead of putting out a new episode we’re giving you the very special, very first Broriginals Live show at the SPOTIFY HQ in Sydney for Spotify Sound Up Bootcamp Participants who were some very  lovely peeps with great ideas, doing 4 days of workshops about podcasting to help bring their ideas to life. We’re sure will be seeing more of them soon.

We talk Sexy Playlists, Haunted Roadways, Second Hand Rocks, Burning Clothes and Soundproofing a Sex Dungeon.

Huge thanks to Spotify, Audiocraft and Koori Radio for having us.

We’ll be back next week with a regular episode!


BRORIGINALS LIVE: Night at the Museum

Travis announces our first ever live show happening at the Australian Museum on January 23rd, 2019


Wed. 23 January 2019
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEDT
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Australian Museum
1 William St
Sydney, NSW 2010
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Event Description

BRORIGINALS is a comedy podcast where two successful Aboriginal brothers: Travis De Vries and Texas De Vries answer crowd sourced audience questions on how to be a better Aboriginal and maybe, just maybe, a better human being. For Aboriginals and Wuggles (Non-Aboriginal-Non-Magical) alike this is a show for anyone who has ever wanted to be better then they are now but mightn’t be sure how to go about it. Ask a question, maybe you’ll get the answer you were looking for, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll find something magical in the answer.

BRORIGINALS LIVE: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM will take a similar format to the pre-recorded podcast. The brothers will choose crowd sourced questions from the audience (each ticket purchaser should ask a question) and the brothers will answer them to the very best of their successful ability. As well as featuring additional segments from the show like DEADLY QUESTIONS (Where the Brothers attempt to answer ignorant questions from the Deadly Questions website an initiative of the Victorian Government), Bourbon Legends (A drunk history style telling of Australian folk legends, mythology and conspiracy theories), BRO$’s (A satirical advertising segment where Travis comes up with creative Indigenous Businesses to corner a new market) and Pointing the Bone (A segment for the weird and wonderful blakmarket side of the internet).

BRORIGINALS LIVE: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM may or may not feature Ben Stiller.

Tickets to the Live Recording also include free admission to Ngalu Warrawi Marri (We Stand Strong). This edition of Culture Up Late runs between 5pm and 9pm at the Australian Museum on the same night.