BROHUNDRED – Come Full Circle

That’s right folks! We did it! Yay us! We hit the 100 episode mark and we brought in a bunch of special guests to help us celebrate! Big thanks to Tully De Vries, Brad Franks, Kira Djnalie, Teresa Tan, Nathan Sentance & to all of you! There’s no real adult themes this week, just aContinue reading “BROHUNDRED – Come Full Circle”

BRORIGINALS – EP 68 – Christmas Kangaroo

Screw the big man, Santa don’t work for Australia. We got hungover and worked up a new Holiday icon! It’s the Christmas Kangaroo! This week’s adult themes include: Hangover Trouble, Staying Home for Christmas, A First Nations Christmas Message, Giving in a Time of Late Choosing, The Unsubscriber, Catagorise, Christmas Pee Oh Christmas Pee &Continue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 68 – Christmas Kangaroo”


This episode gets a little raunchy, then a little sad but then it gets raunchy again, but then it gets sad. It all comes out in the wash. You’ll see or hear… however it is you’re listening. This week’s adult themes include: PokeFuck at PAX, Formally Furry, Criminal Island, Not Your Jurisdiction, Taking a WuggleContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 60 – PENGUIN, WOMBAT, PRAYING MANTIS”

BRORIGINALS – EP 56 – The Order of Rodentia

If you’re reading this you need to be at least, AT LEAST, this tall to listen… This tall you hear me, also you need to be 13 and up otherwise your parents will probably yell at us for this episode. This week’s adult themes include: God Hawk, Commute to Soundtrack, Hidden Country, Subconcious Racist, Walking Around,Continue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 56 – The Order of Rodentia”

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 4 – From Here!!!

Here’s our live show from last week at Casula Powerhouse. Deep in Western Sydney, the cultural melting pot of Australia where we thought we could stir the pot a bit… however the pot ended up stirring us. We are stirred. 

Huge thanks to Casula Powerhouse for having us and all the audience that came out for the show!

BRORIGINALS – EP 48 – Birthday Boys

This episode marks one year since the world changed for the better. A year since one man and his brother stepped in to the limelight and said enough is enough, said it’s time to do something about all of the things that are pissing you off. One year since we took a stand and saidContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 48 – Birthday Boys”

BRORIGINALS – EP 22 – I Got 99 Souls and a B***h Ain’t One

It’s nearly time for Sam Hain to rise up from the depths of Hell and try to take you back with him on this night of hey terror. Only two people stand between you and certain doom and that is the Broriginals Boys. Good luck! This week’s adult themes include: Mall Haunting, Take Her OutContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 22 – I Got 99 Souls and a B***h Ain’t One”

BRORIGINALS – EP 19 – I Wanna Be A Totemon Master

Hey, you! Yes, you there. We’ve been dancing around each other for a while now but I think it’s time we made a move. It’s time for you to pop the question, so to speak. It’s time for you to learn how to become a Totemon Master. The very best, like no one ever was. This week’s adultContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 19 – I Wanna Be A Totemon Master”


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