BRORIGINALS LIVE: Night at the Museum

Travis announces our first ever live show happening at the Australian Museum on January 23rd, 2019 TICKETS DATE AND TIME Wed. 23 January 2019 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEDT Add to Calendar LOCATION Australian Museum 1 William St Sydney, NSW 2010 View Map Event Description BRORIGINALS is a comedy podcast where two successful AboriginalContinue reading “BRORIGINALS LIVE: Night at the Museum”

BRORIGINALS – EP 18 – You Have No Power Over Me

Did anyone ever notice how Bowie in the Labyrinth has the most beautifully crafted bulge in movie history, we certainly did. This week’s adult themes include: Getting Drunk in a Different Way, Friends with Apartments, Geographically Challenged, Bourbon Legends: Valentich Disappearance, Writing About Aboriginals, Aboriginal Grocery Store, Multiculturalism and Wuggle Ankles. If you need someContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 18 – You Have No Power Over Me”

BRORIGINALS – EP 16 – The Rise of the Poo

This is public service announcement brought to you in part by Trav… %#@$, %&@+ Shut up punk! This is guaranteed to be our most listened podcast episode ever. It’s me Texas De Vries, The Poo and I’ve taken control of the good ship BRORIGINALS for now and evermore. Travis in still in Iceland this week soContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 16 – The Rise of the Poo”

BRORIGINALS – EP 4 – Ill-litter8te Wuggles 4 Lyf – Deadly Questions, Deadlier Answers

This week we take a hard right hand turn. After becoming fully assimilated last week we now feel we’re completely qualified to answer the hard hitting questions. That’s right my dudes, Broriginals goes head to head with the Victorian Government as we highjack their Deadly Questions platform. Lies will be told, hearts will be brokenContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 4 – Ill-litter8te Wuggles 4 Lyf – Deadly Questions, Deadlier Answers”


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