EP 93 – That’s Definitely Racist

If you listen to this episode it will help you figure out what is racist AF.. it’s our racist explainers ode. This week’s adult themes include: Skinwalkers, Structural Family, Becoming Aboriginal, Kiss Kiss Eww Eww & How To Racism! This episode was sponsored by Moogahlin Performing Arts’s Yellamundie Festival Callout & Mr Rhodes Head toContinue reading “EP 93 – That’s Definitely Racist”

EP 91 – The Youngest Elder

This is the one! The one that turns us from just regular people into EldersTM! We levelled up! This week’s adult themes include: Enter the Dreaming!, ASMR Sex Things, Broriginals AI, The Youngest Elder, Flex Flex Flex Flex Drazic & Sneaker Rulez. This episode was sponsored by Moogahlin Performing Arts’s Yellamundie Festival Callout & MrContinue reading “EP 91 – The Youngest Elder”

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 4 – From Here!!!

Here’s our live show from last week at Casula Powerhouse. Deep in Western Sydney, the cultural melting pot of Australia where we thought we could stir the pot a bit… however the pot ended up stirring us. We are stirred. 

Huge thanks to Casula Powerhouse for having us and all the audience that came out for the show!

BRORIGINALS – EP 52 – Worth Your Weight in Gold

Holy Batnipples Danny Ocean! Travis and Texas are back, it’s Broriginals Returns! They found the secret can of Spam deep in the heart of Uluru and they’ve brought it out for sale at the next Christie’s Auction. 

BRORIGINALS – EP 50 – Crocca Poppas TM

This week’s adult themes include: BigMonster, Demanding Travis, Express Love Etc, Friend Realm, Bourbon Legends: Triangle Place, Fast Food Confidential, Connection Country & Bogan Name.

BRORIGINALS – EP 42 – Catfish Your Dad (Not Our Dad)

It’s that time of week again where you use your dial up internet to reach deep into the ether and pull out how how to guid on Catfishing Your Dad, please don’t catfish our Dad, he is our Dad and we love him even though he can’t work out how to use his new iPhone. 

BRORIGINALS – EP 41 – Machine Gun 44

We’re very excited to welcome human with internet connection Kira Djnalie, the mind and creative strength behind Beautiful, Talented and Deadly meme page. Join us for a discussion about memes, creativity & decolonising the web and followed by a big reveal by Kira. 

BRORIGINALS – EP 36 – The Pygmy Myth Speciasode

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you without some Broriginals to step to? Are those the lyrics, who can tell? This is our special Bourbon fuelled episode of Broriginals focusing on the Pygmy Genocide Myth, where it comes from and what it’s doing on your social media right now.

BRORIGINALS – EP 34 – Titty Milk Squirting Rocky Training Montage

Happy Friday BRORIGINALS lovers! You may have noticed that this episode’s title is extra long this week, if you noticed this congratulations! You have won an opportunity to be a part of the first Titty Milk squirting Olympics. This is an officially sanctioned event and BRORIGINALS has been tapped on the shoulder to run theContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 34 – Titty Milk Squirting Rocky Training Montage”

BRORIGINALS – EP 26 – I am Jesus’ Co-Pilot

Sometimes even the Son of God needs someone to turn to. It’s not going to be his wayward father, no, it’s going to be BRORIGINALS, specifically Travis. This week’s adult themes include: Square Nuggets, Say Jason Derulo, Christian Missionary Target Practice, Stop Calling Me, Nothing Casual about Racism, Bourbon Legends: Morgspiracy, Breaking up the Band,Continue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 26 – I am Jesus’ Co-Pilot”


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