EP 98 – He Said Doo Doo

It’s our Spooky Poopy Ghostly episode! Where we delve into the horror section of the Broriginals fandom and come out very scared! This week’s spooky adult themes include: Recycled Yahoos, Relationship Down, The Badloween Prankster, Black Politics: All of the Acknowledge!, Cultural Protoquiz 3: The Tall Man, Running Games & DooDoo Pants. This episode wasContinue reading “EP 98 – He Said Doo Doo”

BRORIGINALS – EP 22 – I Got 99 Souls and a B***h Ain’t One

It’s nearly time for Sam Hain to rise up from the depths of Hell and try to take you back with him on this night of hey terror. Only two people stand between you and certain doom and that is the Broriginals Boys. Good luck! This week’s adult themes include: Mall Haunting, Take Her OutContinue reading “BRORIGINALS – EP 22 – I Got 99 Souls and a B***h Ain’t One”


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