BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 3 – Deadly Spelt With Two EE’s

Here's our live show from Canberra, sometime earlier in the month of June. I think it was the 6th, it was our birthday and I never remember birthdays... There was no cake and I think it was my fault. If I ever invent a time machine I know where I'll be going back to.

BRORIGINALS – EP 50 – Crocca Poppas TM

This week’s adult themes include: BigMonster, Demanding Travis, Express Love Etc, Friend Realm, Bourbon Legends: Triangle Place, Fast Food Confidential, Connection Country & Bogan Name.

BRORIGINALS – EP 41 – Machine Gun 44

We're very excited to welcome human with internet connection Kira Djnalie, the mind and creative strength behind Beautiful, Talented and Deadly meme page. Join us for a discussion about memes, creativity & decolonising the web and followed by a big reveal by Kira. 

BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum

Here's our live show from way back in the before time... January 23rd, 2019. It was an easier time, a simpler time a time when Nathan's ran free and Texas's had all the bourbon they could drink. A time when we could have a Night at the Museum and be happy. Now, we're all under… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – In The Flesh 2 – Big Daddy’s Night at the Museum

BRORIGINALS – EP 17 – Call Me Racist!

Call me racist. A sad, sad day, for today we mourn the passing of one of our greatest boys: Jonas. May his name be forever remembered. This week's psalms will include: Bro of all Bros, Carry on My Wayward Bro, Foundational Methodology 101, The Wuggle Karaoke Conundrum, Bourbon Legends: Best of All Legends, Australian Furry… Continue reading BRORIGINALS – EP 17 – Call Me Racist!