All the Nice Things that People have to say about Me. Testimonials, Awards & What-not.

“creating shifting forms both beautiful and disturbing, seemingly invoking Jim Barr’s seminal comic, in all its iterations, in which a supernatural Crow resurrects victims of violent death” Deborah Sims

“We bought a painting of his ex girlfriend in the nude. We like it. We put it on our wall. Oh, and he once removed a dead bat’s head from our kitchen” Liz Young (Canadian?)

“Both human and animal. Both intellectual and primal. All dreams and reality…! Do yourself a favour…” Peter Maple

“Fuck, was I meant to write something for this”
Travis De Vries, dictated but not read.

Finalist – Muswellbrook National Art Prize 2017

Alumni – British Council’s ACCELERATE Program 2016

Finalist – NSW Parliamentary Art Prize 2015 (touring show)

Finalist – The Norville Art Prize 2014

Encouragement Award – Muswellbrook Local Art Prize – Photography 2014

Finalist – NSW Parliamentary Art Prize 2013 (touring show)

NAISDA Chairmans Award 2010