There is a valley deep in the heart of the Australian bush that is the original site of the garden of Eden, the real tree of knowledge and the terrible secret behind Adam and Eve’s story.

In The Hidden Garden, Travis reveals the true story of the garden. Unfolding through the lens of a fable, handed down from elder to initiate in the rite of passage as old as time.

The Hidden Garden will feature paintings, soundscapes and immersive installation artworks. Made up of 2D paintings and an experiential sculptural work that has been designed for the viewer to walk onto, complete with twig fetishes, church pews, digital imagery, audio work and live matter (moss, grass, shrubs) which will grow and decay over time, essentially creating a living garden inside the gallery space.

In this exhibition I explore the effect that Christianity has had on Indigenous cultures since its introduction onto the Australian continent, referencing Christian and other Western mythologies in a newly created storyline. I am in effect creating a new Australian mythology whilst inferring that pre-invasion Australia was the Garden. Whilst this is not new territory, I bring a fresh spin to it through my use of certain storytelling techniques and a subjugation of the source mythology to turn a mirror onto the viewer’s idea of this well-known trope.

The Hidden Garden showed at;
Gallery Lane Cove from the 23rd of May 2019 through to 29th of June 2019.
Opening Night 6pm to 8pm, 23rd of May

Muswellbrook Regional Arts centre from the 6th of July 2019 through to 23rd of August 2019.


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